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Implementation of COVID-19 Infection Prevention Measures (Updated on October 18th, 2022)



GEAR implements the following infection prevention measures based on the latest industry guidelines.

1. Crowded Place Measures
We have renovated the entire audience seating area and significantly reduced the number of seats available, ensuring more space between seats.

︎From April 2022
We have limited the capacity of the theater to 72 seats, 40% less than the original capacity (120 seats).


2. Closed Space Measures
Our theater is a licensed entertainment facility and meets the ventilation standards set out by the public health center. Our ventilation equipment is turned on as needed to bring in outside air to ensure appropriate ventilation and humidity control.
In addition, we ensure proper ventilation by opening windows and doors before and after each performance as part of additional measures.


3. Close Contact Measures
Our performances are non-verbal, and performers do not speak during performances.
Therefore, there is a very low risk of infection spreading through droplets.
Also, staff greeting guests are required to wear a mask.


4. Measures for Early Detection of Persons Who are Sick
Each morning, we take the temperatures of all performers and staff to check their condition. In addition, we use a thermal imaging camera to check guests’ temperature when they enter the venue.
Please note that guests with a high temperature may be denied admission to the venue.
Also, please refrain from attending the performance if you have a fever or are considered to be at high risk of serious illness if you become infected due to advanced age or preexisting condition prior to your visit.
In such cases, we will accommodate you by allowing your to re-book your tickets on another performance date.

If you need to re-book your tickets, please do so using one of the following methods.
You can request another performance date only if you contact us by at least [one hour prior to the performance] you plan to attend. Please note that we cannot offer alternative performance dates after the specified deadline above.

■Email Contact Form
Please fill out and submit the necessary information via the following link.

Please have your purchased tickets ready and call the GEAR Performance Office (0120-937-882).


5. Other Measures
Before and after the performance, we sterilize shared sections in the theater using alcohol as needed. Also, we have installed alcohol-based hand santitizer in various locations throughout the theater.

Please note that the cooperation of all guests is essential to prevent the spread of infection.
We kindly request that you familiarize yourself with the following when visiting the venue.

◎Request for Guest Cooperation
– Guests with symptoms, such as a fever or cough, should contact a medical institution before coming to the venue.
– To ensure that everyone can feel safe watching the performance, we ask all guests to wear a mask (excluding preschool children) and disinfect their hands with the alcohol-based sanitizer upon entry.
Please note that some guests may be exempt from wearing a mask if they have difficulty doing so due to sickness or disability. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare Website:

– We have installed alcohol-based hand sanitizer in various locations throughout the theater. Please disinfect your hands often.
– Soap and alcohol-based hand sanitizer is provided in washrooms. Please take advantage of them.
– When you cough or sneeze, please follow “cough etiquette” by covering your mouth with a mask, handkerchief, tissue, or inside or sleeve of your jacket.
– To prevent droplet transmission, please refrain from cheering loudly. Instead enjoy the performance by clapping your hands or clapping in unison to the beat of the music.
– Please maintain social distancing as you enter and leave the venue to avoid congestion.

︎Waiting for Performers to Enter and Leave the Venue
From the perspective of infection prevention, we strictly prohibit guests from waiting around the theater for performers to enter and leave. We also ask that guests kindly refrain from making requests to take photographs with performers. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation with the above.

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