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If you have any further questions,
please feel free to contact us at


Can I use my credit cards?
Yes. Both advanced tickets purchase and same-day tickets can be purchased with credit cards. We accept most major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express ,JCB,Diners Club, Discover,UnionPay and Alipay.
When do you recommend I make a reservation?
Making reservationists as soon as possible is highly recommended. Tickets sell out quickly for holidays and busy tourist seasons.
Where can I apply for a ticket?
You can purchase tickets at the following website. (Available until 90 mins before the show starts).
Do you have a same-day waiting list?
If all tickets are sold out, we will assign waiting list number tags 1 hour before the show starts. Please get the tag and come back 15 minutes before the curtain. Only if anything becomes available, you may be showed in.
Can I change or get a refund for my tickets?
In regards to tickets that have already been paid for, we do not offer changes or refunds due to customer's personal reasons. In the case that the performance is suspended due to circumstances on the organizers side, then we will change the schedule rules. Details about our correspondence and subsequent follow up may change due to the reason for and the circumstances of the suspension. For details, please go to our homepage if this ever happens.
I lost the ticket that I purchased. Can you resend it?
We are unable to resend it. However, we can check our customers' purchase and payment histories, and if we have confirmed that there are corresponding seats available just before the show starts, only then will it be possible for you to enter. Please consult our staff by e-mail( or phone beforehand.


Can I enjoy it even though I don't understand Japanese?
The story will move forward without the use of any words, so anyone who don’t understand Japanese language can enjoy GEAR with no worries about the language barrier.
We provide you information leaflets in English, Chinese and Korean. Please ask our staff when necessary.
Can people of any age enjoy the show?
Anyone can enjoy GEAR regardless of age, nationality and gender.
Can we enjoy it if I bring children with me?
GEAR, non-verbal performance is easy to understand for everyone and is highly recommended to a wide range of age groups.
However, we don’t allow kids under 4 years of age to enter the theatre for security reasons. But every 1st&3rd Saturday of the month, we welcome any aged children for the noon show.
May I take photos in the theatre?
Photos and videos of performers during the show is strictly prohibited. Our apologies.
You may take photos of the empty stage before or after the show.
Please feel free to upload them with your reviews on social media.
How long is the show? Do you have intermission?
The show is scheduled to run for about 90 minutes. We have no break partway through the show.
If I arrive late for the opening, can I be allowed in partway through the show?
From a safety and production perspective, admission during the show is restricted. After arrival, depending on your timing, if you wait to be admitted, you may be guided to a seat other than the seat you already purchased.
It is expected that during the tourist seasons the aisles will be particularly congested, so we ask that you give yourself plenty of time to arrive.
How are the seats arranged?
The seats are arranged in a stairway-like fashion, however, for the consideration of the people lined behind you, we ask that you please do not pitch forward in your seats but rather sit back in your seats while you watch.
You can check the seating table here
Do you have a cloakroom?
Luggage baskets are prepared under the seats. Large piece of luggage and umbrellas may be left with staff for safe-keeping during the show. Please hold onto the claim tag to receive your things after the show.
For your information, GEAR Theatre is located in a old building built in 1928, and no elevators or escalators installed. You will have to carry your luggage to the 3rd level by yourself.


Do you sell souvenir items?
Yes, we sell merchandise souvenirs after the performance at the Goods Centres.
I forgot/dropped something at the hall.
Please contact GEAR information office (0120-937-882 or
Can you take and hold onto my wheelchair?
Due to circumstances with the space we have, we fundamentally cannot hold onto wheelchairs. However, depending on the size we may be able to hold on to it. If you are considering visiting then you should consult GEAR Information Office beforehand (
Can I watch while sitting in my wheelchair?
Due to the structure of the seating arrangement, there are no spaces for wheelchairs. You will have to watch from a standard seat. There are also no elevators or escalators in our building, so you will have to reach the third floor by yourself (or with the help of your own company). The staff will help as much as possible, but we do not have any professional aids on staff, so we ask that you come along with an escort. In addition, if the escort enters the hall then they will also need a ticket, we hope that you understand.
Are there any sightseeing spots close to the venue?
Close to the venue is the Shinkyogoku Shopping Street , which has a lot of souvenir stores. And the Nishiki Market, which is known as 'Kyoto's kitchen,' is about a 5 minute walk from the theatre. There are a lot of stores there that sell things like Kyoto specialty vegetables, Japanese pickled vegetables, tofu and tofu skin, and confectionary. It is always a bustling place. You can enjoy eating while you walk too! The Kamo River which runs through the center of Kyoto is also only a 5 minute walk away. You can enjoy a meal at 'Noryo-yuka,' a riverside terrace, which is open from May to September as a seasonal feature.

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