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First of its kind in Japan, GEAR is a unique non-verbal performance that stimulates your five senses with a moving story set in the future. Accompanied by impressive stage effects set up using techniques ranging from those used in Kabuki plays to the latest technologies, GEAR is bound to offer you a theatrical experience you will never forget!



“The miraculous heartwarming and moving rebirth.”

In the wastelands of the future,
personified robots (Roboroids) continue to work in a former toy factory.
And there appeared a doll that was once manufactured by the factory, ”Doll.”
Through the slow comprehension and adaptation of the environment around them,
Roboroids and Doll are able to obtain “curiosity” and “playfulness”,
Bringing them closer to human beings.

And so…


A realistic stage design full of tricks

Tripadvisor Review Rating: ★★★★★

A hidden spot in the city of Kyoto. Many people from all over Japan and abroad visit GEAR Theatre by word of mouth.
Tripadvisor's review ★5, Google's review ★4.7.
Not only the high word-of-mouth ratings, but also the wide variety of comments.

“The show was very artistic!”
“Even young children could enjoy the entire 90 minutes”

The non-verbal nature of the show should stimulate your creativity.

Experience amazing performances up close

A made-in-Japan work of art that fascinates through a complex art form with no dialogue

This work does not use any dialogue at all, but uses gestures and hand gestures. The performance is also visually pleasing, combining video, light, and sound effects. The production has been continuously improved based on customer feedback, even though it has been performed over 4,000 times. Each visit is a new discovery, and many repeat visitors have come more than 100 times.

Produced with magical lights and images

An inspiring fusion of Japanese tradition and innovation

GEAR is deeply influenced by traditional Japanese performing arts, especially Kabuki.
It is a composite art form that incorporates the various expressions of Kabuki: singing, dancing, theatrical performance, and even circus-like somersaults and magic elements.
It is also characterized by its lack of direct use of Japanese visuals and sounds, expressing Japanese aesthetics on a deeper level.
The charm of Japan is hidden in diversity and harmony, like the "kaiseki culture" that amazes even foreign tourists. Enjoy the truly inspiring stage where Japanese tradition and innovation are fused together.

Emotional, nonverbally woven stories

Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Kyoto for easy access to popular sightseeing spots.

The venue is conveniently located with easy access to all tourist attractions by Subway, bus, Railway(Keihan & Hankyu).

For example, Nishiki Market is a 5-minute walk away, the Gion area, a popular photo spot, is a 20-minute walk away, Kiyomizu Temple is a 20-minute cab ride, and Fushimi Inari is a 30-minute train ride away.

Also, there is a covered shopping street nearby, so it is a good area to spend time on a rainy or hot summer day.

The performance time is 90 minutes. It will not interfere with your sightseeing plans. We recommend the 2:00pm. performance for a break before or after sightseeing, or the 5:00pm and 7:00pm. performances for a break before dinner.

Greeting from the director of Gear

Greetings from GEAR

Thank you for coming to see the show today.
I believe the essence of Japanese culture is founded on the Balance and Harmony in the diversity of our environment.
Though we may have diverse backgrounds, we are as intricately connected as mother nature is. In our ever-changing world, to coexist as people aiming for authenticity and to overflow with laughter is a blessing we strive for.
Our Cast and Staff are devoted daily to deliver a prime level quality experience that transcends the boundaries of language and age, sharing a moment with you that is unique to the live theatre setting.
GEARing up for new heights.
From the bottom of our hearts, we are honoured by and thank you for your continued support.




After experiencing a wide range of sites, from traveling shows by Kanji Fujiyama and Chocho Miyako to the Takarazuka Revue and Shiki Theatre Company to kabuki performances as a technical staff member, gained experience in Europe, mostly in Paris, as the technical director of Susan Buirge, the mother of contemporary dance, for about 7 years. Then, founded "Art Complex 1928" in 1999 as an effort to modernize the architecture of the former Mainichi Newspaper Kyoto branch and transitioned to the role of producer. With a theme of the complexity of art, in addition to theater production, continued activities related to the preparation of the artistic environment, such as establishment of a culture support fund and regeneration of shipyard ruins into "Creative Center Osaka."
Also continues to start up various projects connecting cultural arts to the attraction of guests and revitalization of the city.
In Kyoto, succeeded in exporting Japanese theater content overseas for the first time in November of 2015, and accomplished the 3,800th performance in January 2023 of "GEAR," the first long running content of its kind in Japan.